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Celebrating the World Cup Finals (On a Budget)

by Magical Credit

The penny-pinchers at Magical Credit have shown you how to stay fit on a budget, how to date on a budget, and the subsequent how to rebound on a budget.

world-cup-finals-on-a-budgetFor the next installment of our On a Budget series, we’re focusing on the global game that everyone’s fixated on – the 2018 FIFA World Cup. With our budgeting tips, you’ll save as much as goalkeeper Manuel Neuer does for the German National Team.

Buy a Vuvuzela

If you caught a minute of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, then you know all about this novelty-item-turned-star.

Louder and more abrasive than your standard soccer hooligan, the plastic horn’s distinct sound rivals a Yoko Ono album. But for all its annoyance, it’s a fun instrument that’s synonymous with the world’s game, and has a place in any bar or home.

The vuvuzela is also excellent for those who don’t follow soccer, but want to be a part of the World Cup experience. Just blow the horn whenever you’re confused by what’s happening. Someone will come over to you (for one reason or another).

Complete a Soccer Panini

To the average person, a Panini is a mere flat-pressed sandwich. To the soccer fan, it’s a 60-year-old World Cup tradition (and not a sandwich either).

FIFA releases its official Panini sticker collections every World Cup, letting supporters follow along and collect their favourite players from their nations of choice. You can even make it a bit of a collecting competition between your friends once you acquire a coveted Ronaldo or Messi sticker set.

Attend a Viewing Party

You could throw your own World Cup party, but that isn’t as exhilarating as bumping shoulders with true soccer fanatics.

Viewing parties for the World Cup’s biggest games are sure to pop up around your neighbourhood, so pick your venue based on the allegiance of the fans in attendance and food spread.

Bonus points if you bring your vuvuzela.

Go Full Hooligan

This last tip is reserved for those with balls as big as the one being kicked around on the field.

Going full hooligan is a commitment: you need face paint, body paint, a ridiculous wig, your team supporter scarf, a flag that doubles as a cape, all in your nation’s colours. And did we mention a vuvuzela?

Be sure to remember a selection of thunderous team chants to rally supporters and irk rivals alike, too.

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