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Cheap Ways to Stay Cool in Summer

by Magical Credit

Staying cool during the summer without burning out your wallet can be a challenge. Even if you’re lucky enough to have air conditioning, that doesn’t mean you’re lucky enough to afford it 24/7.

cheap-ways-to-stay-cool-in-the-summerHowever, there are plenty of cheap ways to stay cool in summer for you and your family to enjoy. Just follow these tips and staying cool during the summer is easy and affordable.

Staying Cool During the Summer

If you don’t have an air conditioner, one of the best cheap ways to stay cool in summer is to get creative with your stand-ups fans. For instance, when you were little, did your grandparents ever put a bowl full of ice in front of a fan so it would blow cold air? Kick that strategy up a notch by having two fans with ice placed in a way that creates a cross-stream with you in the middle.

While going to a public pool is a time-honoured way of staying cool during the summer, they can get crowded fast right until a little one drops a deuce in the water. However, inflatable pools have come a long way from when you were a kid, and If you have the space, setting one up in the backyard is definitely one of the best ways to stay cool in summer. Just make sure junior hits the potty before jumping in.

How to Keep Cool at Work

If your office isn’t air conditioned or you work outdoors, figuring out how to keep cool at work can be difficult. One of the best ways how to keep cool at work is just staying hydrated, but you can also dab liquid at your wrists and the back of your neck for a quick body heat reduction.

Light clothes, in particular cottons and linens, also keep you cool by letting in the breeze and absorbing sweat. Also note that keeping the window open on very hot days will do you more harm than good.

This last suggestion on how to keep cool at work might sound like sacrilege, but it is effective: caffeine drinks like coffee and tea will increase your heart rate and body temperature. Even ice coffee and pop will leave you worse off in the long run because of their high sugar content.

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