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Magical Credit’s online loan application is so simple, it’ll take you no time at all to complete! We only ask for essential information to make the process of qualifying for a fast cash loan as painless as possible.

Once you submit your online loan application, we’ll get back to you within 1 business day! If you upload your bank statement with your application, no additional paperwork is required!

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Before You Start

Thank you for your interest in taking a loan with Magical Credit. Before you begin the application process please have ready:

Contact Information

Your Income and Loan Requirements

Additional Information

Personal Reference


I authorize Magical Credit Inc. to obtain my credit report from Equifax Canada, and verify the information on this application is correct.

I would like to be notified of news, promotions and discounts.

Proof of Income

In order to verify your income, Magical Credit needs to see 3 of months of previous bank statements. You can upload, email or fax your statements. You may be conditionally approved for a loan if you skip this step, however we will follow up with you about submitting your bank statement before we can finalize your loan.

Option 1: Instant Verification
Option 2: Upload your bank statements (90 days with your name and last four digits of your account number)


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