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Cash Loans In North West Territories

Everything might be digital these days, but there’s nothing like having a fat stack of cash in your hand. Whether you want to make it rain at the club or have to make payments that won’t take debit, you can take out a cash loan from Magical Credit in the Northwest Territories.

Magical Credit offers the best cash loans in NWT for those with a poor credit score or non-traditional income streams. We guarantee you’ll hear back from us within 24 hours!

Need a cash loan, but aren’t sure you can keep up with the loan repayment terms? Calculate your monthly loan payment schedule with our short-term loan calculator!

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Why You Might Need A Cash Loan In NWT

  • Family Emergency – When you need to respond to a family emergency fast, even one in another territory or country, Magical Credit’s NWT cash loans will be there to cover any unexpected travel expenses.
  • New Vehicle – Rickety old snowmobile just not covering it anymore? Don’t risk a breakdown in the middle of the wilds in the dead of winter. Take out a Magical Credit cash loan in NWT to get a new ride lickety-split.
  • Medical Expenses – A serious accident can hurt your financial health even worse than your physical health. When you’re drowning in hospital bills, a Magical Credit NWT cash loan could be just the life preserver you need.
  • Pursue a Business Opportunity – If you have bad credit, getting a loan to follow up on a lucrative business opportunity can be a challenge. Magical Credit NWT cash loans are there when you need quick capital!

NWT Cash Loan FAQs

What’s the process to get cash loan in the Northwest Territories?

If you’re receiving a minimum of $600.00 monthly, and your income is direct deposit, you may qualify for a cash loan with us.

All you have to do is fill out our online application! It should take approximately 5 minutes to complete. A loan officer will respond to you within one business day. We don’t go off your credit score, but we take your overall credit report into account.

What’s the interest rate on cash loans in the Northwest Territories?

Our interest rate is 3.9% monthly.

If I can only get approved for less than what I applied for, will I be notified? Or is it just a ‘no’?

We’ll let you know if you qualify for a smaller cash loan, too.

Can you help us consolidate some large debts into one monthly payment?

We unfortunately don’t consolidate our cash loans directly, but you can qualify for a larger loan from us, which you can then use to cover your multiple, smaller debt payments.

Need an emergency loan, but aren’t sure you can keep up with the loan repayment terms? Calculate your monthly loan payment schedule with our short-term, personal loan calculator!

Our loans are considered short-term loans and have up to a 6-24 month term with an interest rate of 3.9% per month. 

Example: $1,500 borrowed for one year at 3.9% per month. Monthly payments are $199.67. Total payback with interest and fee of $194.00 is $2,396.00.

NOTE: You can pay off your loan at any time with no penalty. You will only pay interest up to the date you pay it off.

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