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You need cash quick. But you don't want to go to a bank or some payday loan company. You don't want to wait in line. You don't want to talk to a bored employee. You don't want to fill out paperwork with a gross pen. And you certainly don't want to wait a while for a simple loan approval.

So don't.

Get a personal loan online today with Magical Credit. Our secure online loan application is quick, easy, and can be done in your pajamas.

And while we like to keep things light, we take your security very seriously. We are committed to protecting your privacy and keeping your information confidential at all times. Magical Credit uses 128 bit SSL encryption, a bank standard, in all information-sensitive communications.

So what are you waiting for? Get approved for an online loan in as little as 5 minutes!

Need an online loan, but aren’t sure you can keep up with the loan repayment terms? Calculate your monthly loan payment schedule with our short-term, personal loan calculator!

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Why Get An Online Personal Loan?

  • Bills – Keep your lights and heat on. Avoid fees, service charges, and other penalties associated with missed payments. Solve the issue right away instead of waiting until payday.
  • Pet care – We love our pets and want them to be healthy and happy. But just like people, they can get hurt or sick. If your pet's eating habits change, it seems tired, or it's acting differently, get them checked out.
  • Moving expenses – A major relocation, perhaps for a job or an S.O, can be expensive. An online cash loan can pay for a moving truck, buy furniture for your new place, and ship your car across country.
  • Weddings – Invitations, venues, rings, accommodations, dresses, tuxedos, music, flowers, photography, catering, cake, drinks…do we need to go on?
  • Travel – You need to fly across the country to visit an ill relative. Work's getting to you and you need a trip to relax and recharge. You finally want to take your honeymoon. You know where you need to go. Our online cash loans can get you there.

Can I Get Online Loans In My Province?

If you’re in need of Online Loans in any of the following provinces, we can help. Apply now!

Online Loans FAQs

Are online loans secure?

Yes, our site is designed to ensure your privacy and security. It operates at bank-level security using the same 128‐bit encryption as your financial institution. Additionally, the website is monitored and verified by Verisign, the highest level of online site security.

How much can I apply for?

You can apply for an online cash loan from anywhere between $500 and $10,000.

What do I need to apply?
In order to apply, you need the following:
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Valid chequing account
  • Proof of income
  • Valid ID
  • SIN
Do I need to be employed?

You do not. Aside from employment income, we accept all types of government subsidies (i.e. EI, CPP, baby bonuses), as well as private income such as pensions or maternity benefits. As long as your income is directly deposited into your bank account on a monthly basis, you can qualify for a Magical Credit loan.

For a list of income sources we accept, visit our who qualifies page.

Will I need to fax any documents?

No, who has a fax machine anymore? It's all online!

Do you lend to people with bad credit?

Yes, we do offer online loans for bad credit. We don’t make decisions solely off your credit score. If you are receiving at least $600 a month through direct deposit, we'll consider you.

How much income do I need to qualify for a loan?

If you’re receiving at least $600.00 monthly, and it's paid to you via direct deposit, you may qualify for an online personal loan.

What’s the interest rate for your online personal loans?

Our interest rate is 3.9% monthly.

How do I receive my money?

Yes, we’ll let you know if you qualify for a smaller loan.

I just applied online. How long will it take to hear back from you?

Once you submit your application for an online personal loan, we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Need an online loan, but aren’t sure you can keep up with the loan repayment terms? Calculate your monthly loan payment schedule with our short-term, personal loan calculator!

Loan Example

1 Year
Interest Rate (46.8%)
Total Cost of Borrowing
Total Due End of Term
NOTE: You can pay off your loan at any time with no penalty. You will only pay interest up to the date you borrow it.

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