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We Give You the Credit You Deserve

Finding the loan you need from Hamilton banks can be a challenge. That’s why Magical Credit is your best solution: we bring you personal loans by evaluating your credit history.

Are you having trouble securing a loan due to bad credit or a non-traditional source of income? If so, bad credit personal loans at Magical Credit are here to provide you with the solution. Accepting government subsidies like pensions, child tax credit, and maternity leave, we bring Hamilton residents loans that fit your needs. 

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Magical Credit Loans Magical Credit provides loans for people with bad credit. If you need money fast, apply for Magical Credit bad credit loan and get up to $20,000! 2024-02-28 PT1M01S

Qualify for a Short-Term Personal Loan Online

We bring Hamilton residents the quickest way to apply for bad credit loans. With a simple application process and an approval time as low as one business day, secure your short-term loan directly into your bank account from Magical Credit. 

Why Magical Credit Loans?

Canada’s Bad Credit Personal Loan Leader

Bad credit can be difficult to overcome: that’s why we’re here to help you build towards your future, regardless of your past.

Easy Online Loan Application

Our application process takes just a few minutes. Once you fill in a few basic details, we’ll handle the rest.

Super-Fast Loan Approval

At Magical Credit, we value your time. Get your bad credit loan approved as quickly as just 24 hours after you first apply.

Responsible Lending

At Magical Credit, we care about keeping your application process free of any difficulty. If you’ve been approved for a loan, it means we really do believe you’ll be able to follow through on your commitment.

We Make Repayment Simple

Transparency and honest communication is important to us. Our surprise-free system allows you to stay on top of your repayment schedule with ease.

Your Privacy Matters

Trust in our 100% secure online services to keep your information between us.

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How Our Bad Credit Personal Loans Work

Usually Bad Credit Loans are loans provided to those with poor or little to no previous credit history. There loans come with higher rates than ordinary loans, although they are also cheaper than credit cards or payday loans.

With a streamlined approach to lending, our simple monthly repayment calendar helps you begin your loan process with ease. Just enter what you wish to borrow and your repayment term: if your number is low enough, all you have to do is apply online from any computer or mobile device.

Our approval process is immediate: after evaluating your income and credit history, we let you know within 24 hours whether or not you’re been approved for your bad credit loan.

You get your cash almost instantly once you’ve been approved, and our simple repayment calendar helps you start making payments. 

Our Loans Open Up Possibilities

All you need is a small bad credit personal loan for the first step at a brighter future. 

  • Handle unexpected expenses: You can’t always plan for when disaster strikes, be it urgent renovations or a medical emergency. Rest easy knowing your loan means you have cash in hand to deal with it.
  • Rebuild your credit rating: Showing you’re able to repay your loan is one of the strongest ways to start rebuilding your credit. Our easy repayment calendar helps you take the first step.
  • Upgrade your education: A better candidate for employers is somebody who is able to learn new skills. Use your loan to start learning a trade, or pay for a college course.
  • Buy a car (Or repair the one you’ve got): Without a car, holding onto reliable work in Hamilton is almost impossible. With a small cash loan, you’ll be able to put a down payment on a new car, or restore the one you have.
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We Lend Responsibly in Hamilton

Making financial commitments without being able to repay them is one of most common ways of accumulating bad credit.

Aside from specializing in personal loans, we as a Canadian lender are dedicated to start making your finances easier to manage. We take complying with all of Canada’s provincial and federal lending regulations seriously, and ensure that each loan we approve is offered to someone we are confident is able to meet their repayment obligations.

Making life easier for you is our main goal – one step at a time.

About Hamilton

With a population of over 500,000 people, Hamilton is a major city in Ontario that is home to many hard-working entrepreneurs and corporations among which are dental offices, home improvement companies including replacement windows and doors, bakeries, advanced manufacturing, agribusiness and food processing, creative industries, finance, insurance, real estate companies, tourism companies, etc. With so many booming industries, access to quick loans and financial security is key. Residents of Hamilton have access to major branches of banks such as CIBC, Meridian Credit Union, and TD Canada Trust, as well as HSBC and the Business Development Bank of Canada. At Magical Credit, we care about providing residents of Hamilton with the financial security they deserve.


Lending Money 7 Days / Week in Hamilton, ON 


Magical Installment Loans: We offer installment loans in the amount of $1,500- $20,000 that have a 12-60 month term with an APR 19.99% min - 46.8% max. On $1,500 borrowed for a 1 year term at 3.9% per month, the total cost of borrowing including a $194 fee is $896.00. The total amount to be paid back with interest and fee is $2,396.00. AB License #349796 and BC License #83626

NOTE: Our installment loans are open, so you can pay off your loan at any time with no penalty. You will only pay interest up to the date you pay it off.

Magical Cash Loans - Ontario, British Columbia, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon Residents only: We offer Magical Cash Loans in the amount of $100-$1,500.00. The cost of borrowing is $15.00 per $100.00 for each $100.00 borrowed. On a $1,000.00 loan for 14 days, the cost of borrowing is $150.00. The total to payback is $1,150.00 which is an annual percentage rate of 391.07%. ON License #4741412. BC License#85919.

The Loan must be paid in full by the end of term, no extensions or exceptions, no automatic renewals. Failure to pay your debt on time will impact your future credit with Magical Credit Inc. and other credit lenders. All delinquencies will be reported to the Credit Bureaus.

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