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Beware of these New Lending Scams in Canada!


We rely on the Internet for virtually everything nowadays, and looking for the best personal loans with the best rates is no different.

And because everything has gone digital, it’s become easier than ever to be bamboozled by sly loan scammers who prey on desperate people in dire financial situations. They know this particular market is vulnerable, making it easier for scam artists to appear more savior than scoundrel. Read More

Dating on a Budget: A Guide to Cost-Efficient Dating


You’re on a strict budget. You’re taking great pains to manage money. You’re realizing being financially responsible is slowly killing your social life. Any time you want to have some fun, you take a minute, assess the damage to your chequebook, and realize that you simply can’t afford it if you want to retire before the age of 90. Read More

Fun (and Frugal) Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day


Hey dads and kids: Mother’s Day is just around the corner!

It’s really the only day you need to be nice to your mom (don’t show this blog to your mom, by the way), so you need to make it special. And while traditional gifts like a day at the spa will be appreciated, wouldn’t it mean more to get your mother something that says ‘I thought of you’? Read More

5 Worst Buys to Kick Off Your Spring Shopping Season


Welcome, April – the month of hot weather, and even hotter sales!

At first glance, it really looks as if there’s no better time to get your spring shopping done. You’ve got stuff you need to stock and replace for the new season, while retailers are pumping out great deals to clean out their old merchandise.

But don’t start your shopping spree just yet! While great deals are aplenty, what you (and your wallet) need are the best deals around. Believe it or not, some products are better purchased well after this month’s sales signs go down!

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I Screwed Up My Taxes! What Do I Do Now?


Okay, first thing’s first – just take a deep breath and chill out. Everyone makes mistakes!

The CRA is sympathetic toward your human follies. As long as you let them know you’ve done wrong, they’re sure to let you go with your limbs – and wallet – intact.

But don’t get us wrong – punishment will be in due order. While they’ll surely appreciate your honesty, you’ll still be held accountable for what you owe.

In any case, here’s what you should do to keep the tax man from smiting you down:

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4 Profitable Side Hustles in the Sharing Economy


­Inspired to start a blogging career after reading a couple of inspirational posts you’ve found online? Cool beans.

But… is that realistic?

While it’s entirely possible to take a hobby and turn it into a profitable side hustle, not everyone has the time or talent to make something out of nothing. When you’re fighting to pay off a student loan, credit card debt or a mortgage, you need money, and you need it fast.

So put a hold on starting your freelance business for now. Thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of the sharing economy, there are lots of new, unconventional ways to make extra money that don’t require much time and effort!

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5 Ways the Tax Man is Watching You


Hey, Canadians! We just wanted to give you a reminder that the 2017 tax season’s about to meet its end. With all that’s been said and done, we hope you’ve made sure to ‘crunch the numbers correctly’ in your tax return.

Because if you were to forget to include a couple of zeroes in your income, chances are, you’re going to have a bad time. Forget the tea and crumpets – the talk you’re going to be having with the investigators at Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) won’t be all too pleasant.

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