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Fictional Characters Who Could Have Used Magical Credit


The following hypothetical loan situations are based on the assumption that the following fictionalized characters collect a fixed monthly income of $600.00 via direct deposit. We have a zero-tolerance policy with applicants meeting our loan requirements, especially if they’ve been in movies. Read More

Rebound on a Budget, Guys Edition: How to Cope with Your “Turkey Dump”


It’s Thanksgiving weekend and you’re home from school, meaning you finally get to see your girlfriend. Attending different universities has been a burden, but your love is strong enough to overcome something as meaningless as distance. Right? Read More

How to Save on Healthcare in Canada


Even though our universal healthcare provides publicly-funded essential care, Canada charges the most expensive prescription rates in the developed world. In fact, one in five Canadians can’t afford these potentially life-saving prescriptions.

Magical Credit knows it’s tough to balance finances when your health hangs in the balance! Here are some nifty ways to save on healthcare costs in Canada. Read More