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Your Guide to Cheap Fishing Trips


There’s nothing better than getting out on the water with a beer in one hand and a fishing rod in the other, enjoying either the sweet solitude of Mother Nature or the company of friends. However, between gas and the rising price of fishing gear, fishing trips aren’t as affordable as they used to be. Read More

The Best Cheap Summer Vacation Ideas


Want to get away this summer, but don’t have the cash to blow on planes, trains and automobiles? Magical Credit has your back with the best cheap summer vacation ideas, along with pro tips on how to travel on a budget. Read More

Getting Creative with Cheap Date Ideas


You finally did it. You finally asked out that cute barista and against all odds they said yes! Now’s the hard part: How do you sweep them off their feet when you can’t even afford a broom? Read More

Late Tax Fees and You


The tax deadline in Canada for 2017 tax returns is fast approaching! After April 30, the CRA will begin to charge compound interest DAILY on May 1, until you pay off any amounts owing from 2017. On top of that, late tax returns are penalized with some serious late tax fees. Read More