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Do I Have Adequate Cash Flow to Take Out a Loan?


In this world, you have to spend money to get money. Even the most generous loan dealer requires borrowers to have some form of income. Where Magical Credit differs from other lenders is that we accept non-traditional sources of income, and look past credit history, to give people the best chance for bad credit loan approval. Read More

Debt Horror Stories to Scare You Straight


Think you have debt horror stories?

Let us tell you, friends, you haven’t even begun to experience the fear and existential angst caused by mounting debts your income can’t even make a dent in. If you really want to feel the cold grip of terror crawling up your spine this Halloween, skip the haunted house and check out these debt horror stories. Read More

Debt After Death in Canada


Dealing with the loss of a loved one is hard enough without having to worry about who’s on the hook for the debts they left behind. The silver lining to this terrible situation is that creditors in Canada cannot generally compel the deceased’s family to pay off their credit card debt or any other loans. Read More

Getting the Best Deals from Gold Buyers in Canada


We’ve all seen those ads while surfing late night TV: Cash for gold, I’m the Cash Man, We Buy Used Jewelry! However, anyone who’s actually tried to sell jewelry to gold buyers in Canada can tell you it’s not as easy as simply handing over your Mr.T gold chains from your failed rap career and making it rain. Read More

Scary Smart Money Lessons for Kids

by Kristen Smalley

Usually, Halloween teaches kids the worst financial lesson possible: that you can get something for nothing. Instead, teaching kids about money on Halloween should be accomplished with real money lessons. Read More