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How to Get a Loan Without a Job

by Magical Credit

Getting a loan can be hard, and getting loans with no job required is even harder! 

Luckily, Magical Credit offers emergency loans with no job required because we accept most provincial and federal government subsidies. You can even get loans with no job required with EI. 

Let’s dive into the details on just how to get a loan without a job.

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Top 3 Things to Know Before Taking Out a Loan

by Magical Credit

Are you thinking about taking out a loan, but aren’t sure where to start? Personal loans can be great financial assets, allowing you to tackle unexpected expenses or embrace new opportunities - but you need to be a responsible borrower. Read More

What Do I Need to Apply for a Loan?

by Magical Credit

If you’ve never had to apply for a loan before, it can seem a little daunting, but it’s even worse if you have to apply for a loan with bad credit history. Read More

Debt Horror Stories to Scare You Straight

by Magical Credit

Think you have debt horror stories? Let us tell you, friends, you haven’t even begun to experience the fear and existential angst caused by mounting debts your income can’t even make a dent in. Read More

Debt After Death in Canada

by Magical Credit

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is hard enough without having to worry about who’s on the hook for the debts they left behind. Read More

Getting the Best Deals from Gold Buyers in Canada

by Magical Credit

We’ve all seen those ads while surfing late night TV: Cash for gold, I’m the Cash Man, We Buy Used Jewelry! However, anyone who’s actually tried to sell jewelry to gold buyers in Canada can tell you it’s not as easy as simply handing over your Mr. Read More

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