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How to Save On Car Repairs

by Magical Credit

There’s plenty of reasons to take out a short-term loan, and many of them have to do with your automobile.


Car repairs are exhausting. When a mechanic’s wrench - in the form of a $2000.00 repair - is thrown into your carefully planned budget, you’ll need money…fast.

When you take out a personal loan, you’re not playing with house money, and trips to the auto-shop often lead to budgetary traffic jams.

We’ll be your financial GPS, tracking the best route for spending your personal loan on automobile repairs.

Mom and Pop Shops Really Rev Our Engine

Big-box mechanics don’t need to maintain a relationship— to them, you’re a Smart car in an 18-wheeler’s world.

Independent auto shops, on the other hand, need you for their business, relying on the good will built by word-of-mouth praise.

Choosing a local mechanic is an investment towards your future. Long-standing service means they’ll have your maintenance history. Any financial hit you do take is worth it, since tune-ups prevent the fiscal combustion that is the cost of new parts. Budgeting for maintenance is simple because it’s scheduled, unlike the blown gasket you’ll experience without it.

Garbage Mechanics Belong in the Scrap Heap

Where there’s exhaust fumes, there’s fire. A mechanic exclusively suggesting brand name parts, never showing old parts, or claiming “you wouldn’t understand”, doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

Keep a stern eye out for ill-kempt shops with littered lots of half-repaired lemons. Conversely, a clean exterior is an apt representation of a top-performer… and provides that new car smell!

Lastly, your primary interaction is with the service writer who sits behind the shop's front counter, calculating quotes and repair bills, so tailgate them with questions. If their knowledge is sputtering, change lanes and head to another shop!

A Mechanic is Only as Honest as You Keep Them

You need to dictate your own spending terms. Conceding your automotive accountability to a mechanic, is a one-way street to rough ride- not in your car. If you don’t keep on top of the goings-on in the garage, you’ll be subject to services you didn’t want or need.

Lastly, a shop should generate a quote for each repair with the total cost of parts and labour, including fluids. Don’t fall into a trap where a schemer provides a parts and labour estimate, with a “plus fluids costs” tacked-on. You’ll be charged an extra $40-$100 of what you were quoted! You may as well give the mechanic your car keys, and let them ride off into the sunset.

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