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How to Save on Healthcare in Canada

by Magical Credit

Even though our universal healthcare provides publicly-funded essential care, Canada charges the most expensive prescription rates in the developed world. In fact, one in five Canadians can’t afford these potentially life-saving prescriptions.

Magical Credit knows it’s tough to balance finances when your health hangs in the balance! Here are some nifty ways to save on healthcare costs in Canada.


Say No to Brand Name Medications

Advil is to Ibuprofen is what Kleenex is to tissue paper. People purchase the iconic brand names instead of the more affordable, generic alternatives based on name recognition alone.

If you’re budget-conscious and need any over the counter medication, consider buying generic, because they are essentially identical in quality.

The only pitfall? Generic Ibuprofens don’t taste like candy – a much smaller price to pay than actually purchasing Advil.

Double down on no-name brands with prescription medication. We tend to treat our doctors as benevolent healthcare dictators, and allot their pen and pad the same moral authority as a judge’s gavel. But doctors aren’t moral and financial judges, juries, and executioners – some could be attempting to profit off your need for a prescription.

Press your doctor for cheaper, no-name medications. Don’t be afraid of your physician! After all, it’s not like your well-being is in their hands – oh wait…

Don’t Get Duped into Treatments You Don’t Need

Over-medicalization is a troubling pitfall of Canada’s healthcare. An organization called Choosing Wisely Canada offers guidance on how to avoid unnecessary treatments and testing.

The Deprescribing Network reviews prescriptions, helping you dodge needless doses or medications.

Schedule Regular Check-ups

You know what’s completely free? Regularly scheduled check-ups.

And yet, people don’t take advantage of this essential pro-bono service!  You can catch and treat ailments early, which means spending less on the treatments and prescriptions you’d need if you allowed something to fester and grow worse.

Don’t Get Devastated by Dispensing Fees

Pharmacists charge dispensing fees for prescriptions at their drug store. Curiously, these fees vary by substantial amounts from pharmacy to pharmacy.

We’re suggest saving your receipts, and to store-hop while comparing costs.

Pharmacies are everywhere now; be it inside medical centres, grocery stores, and big-box stores like Wal-Mart. There’s plenty of places to peruse the best rate!

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