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Can’t Cover Your Bills, And Stuck With Bad Credit? Apply For A Bad Credit Loan In PEI!


Loans For Bill Payments In PEI

Having a litany of unpaid bills is the same as a nightmare, except they don’t go away when you pinch yourself.

You already have bad credit, and missing bill payments will damage your FICO score beyond repair. But banks don’t lend to bad credit applicants, and payday loan companies are only looking to take advantage of you.

If you’re desperately seeking cash you don’t have for unpaid bills you can’t afford, visit Magical Credit and take out an online loan for your bill payments. We specialize in loans for bad credit applicants!

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How A Bill Payment Loan In PEI Can Help

  • Hydro and electric bills: You only shower for one minute, and turn off all the lights whenever you leave the house. Yet, when you get your monthly hydro and electric bills, it’s one step closer to bankruptcy. Please, don’t stop showering – take out a bill payment loan instead!
  • Mobile Data: How else can you survive the arduous train ride to work without a decent data plan? By reading the newspaper like some kind of caveman? If your mobile bill is crippling your finances, pay it off with our loans for bill payments!
  • Weddings: The cost of a wedding is what most folks make in a year (if not two), and the load shouldn’t rest solely on the bride’s parents’ shoulders. If you take out a larger loan from Magical Credit, you can help cover your massive wedding bill.
  • Debt Consolidation: With a Magical Credit loan for debt consolidation in PEI, turn your unpaid bills into an installment loan with steady monthly payments. We don’t directly consolidate debt, but you can apply for a larger loan, and use it to cover a variety of bill payments.

PEI Bill Payment Loans FAQs

When will I know if I’ve been accepted for an online bill payment loan?

A Magical Credit representative will get back to you within 1 business day.

Do you offer any consultative services for paying off debts?

While we aren’t a debt advisor, we’ll happily offer tips to help erase your debt.

Do you offer bill payment loans for bad credit applicants?

Yes—as a high-risk lender we weigh more than your credit score. Instead, we examine your entire credit history.

Do you offer bad credit loans all over PEI?

Yes—in fact we offer bad credit loans all over Canada, except Manitoba and Quebec.

Need an emergency loan, but aren’t sure you can keep up with the loan repayment terms? Calculate your monthly loan payment schedule with our short-term, personal loan calculator!

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Interest Rate (46.8%)
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NOTE: You can pay off your loan at any time with no penalty. You will only pay interest up to the date you borrow it.

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