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Short-Term, Emergency Loans In Nova Scotia

You felt like a real ship captain until your emergency funds got depleted thanks to a flying tree crashing through your garage on top of your car.

Have no fear, because Magical Credit is your fiscal lifeboat. We offer emergency, next-day loans in Nova Scotia. Our loans are designed for bad credit applicants – we’ll accept candidates who collect non-traditional forms of income, and have low credit scores!

Best of all, it only takes 5 minutes to get approved for your emergency cash advance!

Make sure you can stick to our emergency loan repayment terms, and calculate your monthly loan payment schedule with our short-term, personal loan calculator!

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How A Personal Emergency Loan In Nova Scotia Can Bail You Out

Boat and Automotive Repairs & Maintenance – Shipwrecked at sea? Car wrecked on the 366? Either way, you’re in a bad spot, and our short-term emergency loans in Nova Scotia will get your boat floating, or your engine running.

Dental – Little did you know that the guy you just slashed in your Beer League game was an ex-AHL enforcer. An emergency loan can get you the quick cash needed for the dental cheque your hockey-stick just wrote.

Appliance Repair & Replacement – You’re going to be cooking fresh-caught salmon for a huge family dinner next week, and your oven just short circuited! Take out an emergency loan, get a new oven, and satisfy the sea-food lovers in your family.

Debt Consolidation – An emergency loan for debt consolidation in Nova Scotia will take multiple consumer debts, and turn them into one easy-to-pay debt.

FAQs For Emergency Loans In Nova Scotia

Once I’ve finished my application, when should I be expecting my email confirmation?

Expect one of our representatives to be in touch with you in roughly 24 business hours.

Can I borrow from you if I have bad credit?

Our loans are ideal for bad credit applicants. Credit score isn’t as important to us as your overall report of credit, as well as current loans in collection and any current consumer proposals.

Does the urgency of an emergency loan increase the interest rate?

No— we charge a 3.9% monthly interest for all of our short-term loans!

If I’m not eligible for a certain amount, can I qualify for a different amount?

If you qualify for a smaller emergency loan, we will let you know.

What is the minimum income required in order to be eligible for your emergency loans in Nova Scotia?

You need to collect a minimum fixed monthly income of at least $600.00 via direct deposit to be eligible for Magical Credit’s emergency loans in Nova Scotia. The income can either be tradition or non-traditional (E.I. or other government subsidies).

Need an emergency loan, but aren’t sure you can keep up with the loan repayment terms? Calculate your monthly loan payment schedule with our short-term, personal loan calculator!

Loan Example

1 Year
Interest Rate (46.8%)
Total Cost of Borrowing
Total Due End of Term
NOTE: You can pay off your loan at any time with no penalty. You will only pay interest up to the date you borrow it.

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