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Get A Short-Term Employment Loan From Magical Credit For Fast Cash In Ontario In 5 Minutes Or Less!


Payday Loans Are A Scam— Employment Online Loans In Ontario Are Your Answer!

Payday loan companies can charge an astronomical $30 for every $100 borrowed, which can quickly land you in a revolving door of debt. And all because you maybe needed a fast cash loan to fix your carburetor (lest you’re forced to take the TTC to work every day!).

Unlike payday loan companies whose goal is to profit off you, Magical Credit’s employment loans for bad credit won’t spin you into a cycle of debt. We’ll get you back on track if you need a cash advance loan for unforeseen expenses.

Employment Online Loans in Ottawa, Toronto, or anywhere else in Ontario are easy to manage.

Don’t believe it? Calculate your payment schedule with our short-term loan calculator!

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How Ontario Employment Loans Can Get You Back On Track

  • Appliance Repair: Nothing is worse than your oven going on the fritz. It’s not like you can live on a diet of frozen chicken fingers, and eating out in Ontario seems like it’s only fit for millionaires. An employment loan gives you quick cash so you can put food back on your table.
  • Recreational Expenses: Work-life balance is important. If a pile of bills is in the way of a gym membership, dinner with friends, or catching a Jays game at the Rogers Centre, an employment loan can give you some extra cash so your life isn’t just work and sleep.
  • Rent: The cost of living in Toronto is through the roof. The price for exceedingly minimal space is astronomical. If you’re in a bind and need a new place in the city, an employment loan from Magical Credit could cover this year’s first and last!
  • Chiropractic Care: Many places of employment don’t offer full medical benefits, but if you slip a disc trying to channel Auston Matthews in your beer league game, you’ll need fast cash! An employment loan for bad credit will have you upright and healthy, and ready for the next game.

Employment Loans Ontario FAQ

How does an Employment Loan get me back on track if I have bad credit?

If you pay off a fast cash loan quickly, it shows you’re able to take on a diverse amount of credit, thus improving your creditworthiness.

Why shouldn’t I just go to the bank for a loan?

Banks tend to have sneaky surcharges and fluctuating interest rates. They also won’t loan to you if you have bad credit, and are unforgiving when it comes to low-income applicants. Magical Credit specializes in loans for applicants with bad credit and low incomes. We also have a fixed monthly interest rate of 3.9%.

How do I sufficiently prove my income to be eligible for a personal employment loan?

All you’ll need is two recent pay stubs and a bill to your current home address.

What’s the longest quick cash employment loan you’ll provide?

Our loans have terms between 6-24 months.

How much am I able to borrow?

You can borrow between $500-$10,000.

How do you decide how much you can loan an applicant?

We weigh your total income.

What kind of security system are you operating on, since you’re doing employment loans online?

Magical Credit’s uses the 128‐bit encryption, the very same as your bank. Username and passwords are never displayed, view or stored. This is a safe, fast, and convenient way for you to submit your information for the employment cash advance loan approval.

If you’re bad credit lenders, how do you weigh loan applicants?

We weight candidate’s overall report of credit as opposed to their credit score. We also weigh bankruptcy, current consumer proposal, and current loans in collections.

So, if I’ve gone bankrupt in the past, I’m ineligible for a loan?

Any previous declarations of bankruptcy must be discharged prior to your application for an employment personal loan.

Need an emergency loan, but aren’t sure you can keep up with the loan repayment terms? Calculate your monthly loan payment schedule with our short-term, personal loan calculator!

Loan Example

1 Year
Interest Rate (46.8%)
Total Cost of Borrowing
Total Due End of Term
NOTE: You can pay off your loan at any time with no penalty. You will only pay interest up to the date you borrow it.

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