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Healthcare Loans For Medical Treatments In Nunavut

Our country’s free healthcare and medical reimbursements only go so far.

Yes, you don’t have to worry about broken bones or the common cold. But what about chronic illnesses, chiropractic needs, plastic surgeries, and dental care? You’re on your own with these expenses

Even if you’re low on funds, you should never delay treatments, leave your prescriptions unfilled, or take out high-interest healthcare loans that’ll cause further stress and financial strain. Magical Credit offers medical loans with a reasonable 3.9% monthly interest rate, so you can pay for treatments not covered by Canada’s healthcare system, without being hampered by sky-high interest.

Just think of us, as ‘Medical’ Credit!

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How Medical Loans Can Rejuvenate Your Fiscal Health

  • Visits to the Dentist: Staying plaque free and avoiding the horrors of gingivitis isn’t easy on the cheque-book. If you’re fixated on your own oral health but you’re low on funds, a medical loan can cover the price of dental checkups and cleanings.
  • Chiropractic Services: Canada’s healthcare covers the operating table but not the chiropractor’s table! Going under the knife is risky and you’ll be prescribed dangerous pain killers. A medical loan can pay for your chiropractic adjustment that’ll heal you twice as fast.
  • Therapy: Physio, massage, occupational, and other therapies can alleviate your pain-related ailments – but they don’t fall under Canada’s healthcare coverage. Take out a healthcare loan from Magical Credit and live pain free – physically and financially.
  • Prescription Drugs: 1 in 10 Canadians aren’t financially capable of filling potentially lifesaving prescriptions. If they take out a loan for medical treatment from Magical Credit, they could afford to follow the doctor’s instructions.

Nunavut Healthcare Loans – Frequently Asked Questions

When will know if my medical loan application has been approved?

One business day or less!

I have a career and decent credit. Does this guarantee loan approval if I’ve fallen behind on my bills?

No—while above average credit and a steady job both improve your chances, we have zero-tolerance if you have any other loans in collection.

How do I apply for your healthcare loans?

All you have to do is fill out our online application and follow any prompts or instructions. It only takes 5 minutes to complete!

I’ve just been discharged from a bankruptcy and my credit is terrible. Will I be considered for a medical loan?

Yes—as a high-risk lender, we offer Canadians whose bad credit disqualifies them from bank loans a helpful alternative.

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1 Year
Interest Rate (46.8%)
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NOTE: You can pay off your loan at any time with no penalty. You will only pay interest up to the date you borrow it.

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