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Direct Deposit Cash Loans In PEI

You’re underpaid, your bills are overdue, and you need money fast.

Magical Credit’s 24-hour easy loan approval is exactly what you need. We specialize in personal cash loans for bad credit applicants collecting low incomes. You’ll have cash direct deposited into your account right when you’re approved.

Best of all? It only takes 5 minutes to apply.

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Reasons You May Need Cash Loans In PEI

  • Debt Consolidation- Use a cash loan to combine your bills into one monthly payment, by taking out a debt consolidation loan in PEI.
  • Appliance Repairs– A vacuum cleaner that spits out more junk than it sucks up, is as useless as a fishing rod with no bait. If you can’t afford the repair, and have bad credit, Magical Credit offers fast cash loans to those with poor credit in PEI.
  • Medical Expenses- A slip on a patch of ice may cause a slipped disc in your back at a time when your finances have slipped. Take out a cash loan, pay for your chiropractic adjustments.
  • Long Distance Emergency-  Even if you’re broke with bad credit, you’ll find a way to see a sick family member—no matter how far away they live. A loan from Magical Credit is easily approved, and can cover the costs of travel and missed days of work.

PEI Bad Credit Cash Loans FAQs

Does my poor credit increase your interest rates?

No, all of our loans have an interest rate of 3.9% per month.

Can I be eligible if I’m currently unemployed?

Yes, our cash loans are available to applicants collecting government subsidies or any income from pensions and maternity benefits

How do I receive my cash loan?

We direct deposit your cash loan into your chequing account.

I need $150 for my phone bill, can I borrow that exact amount?

No, we only offer loans between $500 and $10,000.

Need an emergency loan, but aren’t sure you can keep up with the loan repayment terms? Calculate your monthly loan payment schedule with our short-term, personal loan calculator!

Our loans are considered short-term loans and have up to a 6-24 month term with an interest rate of 3.9% per month. 

Example: $1,500 borrowed for one year at 3.9% per month. Monthly payments are $199.67. Total payback with interest and fee of $194.00 is $2,396.00.

NOTE: You can pay off your loan at any time with no penalty. You will only pay interest up to the date you pay it off.

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