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Advancing Through the NHL Playoffs (On a Budget)

by Magical Credit

At Magical Credit, we love hockey—especially come playoff time.

hockey-saving-tips-hockey-budgetThe crisp sound of blades gliding along the ice. The feverish roar of the crowd. The heightened intensity and physicality in play. Once April starts and the post season is underway, a goal scored by the home team is almost as exciting as taking out a short term loan (but not quite).

As a diehard fan, the playoffs are a grind – so you need to tough out those financial bumps and bruises if you’re truly committed to Canada’s game.

Remember, the best teams always have a great defensive strategy that leads them to the Stanley Cup. You should follow suit with your spending during the playoffs. Enjoy the festivities, but don’t end up fiscally short-handed!

Rely on Home Ice Advantage

You may enjoy the rowdiness of fellow hockey-loving hosers in the home team’s jersey, but you won’t enjoy how the prices at a sports bar end up slashing your earnings.

You could chalkboard a game plan –  one beer, and maybe a side of nachos. But you’d be surprised at how easily one beer turns into four pitchers, eight shots of whisky, and a larger order of nachos and wings to sop up the excess booze in your system. It can happen to anyone. The celebratory atmosphere can cause you to forget about your budgetary blue line, and your chequing account will end up offside (in overdraft).

Suddenly, a meager $12 bill turns into a $100 bill. So, we suggest enjoying the games from the comfort of your own home. You can eat the food and drink the beverages that you’ve already purchased as part of your grocery list!

Your Team Always Has Your Back

By abiding to our expert saving tips, you’ve decided against venturing to the local pub to watch game seven of the playoffs. But since you’re on a budget, you’ve forgone cable altogether.

You’re in luck. The NHL caters to the online proclivities of the day, and has their own streaming service called “Center Ice”. You won’t get penalized with shoddy illegal live streams, nor will you end up over your salary cap by purchasing an entire cable package just to watch the playoffs.

Get the most value from the streaming service by splitting the cost with a group of hockey crazy hooligans. You can all access the streams individually, giving you the flexibility to watch the games collectively or separately.

Paint the Streets with Home Team Colours

Sometimes you don’t want to be cooped up at home watching the game. But the bar won’t give you the bang for your buck, and finding affordable tickets to a game is as likely as Don Cherry coaching Team Finland at the next Olympics.

Many cities will air the games live outdoors on the big screen for free. You can bring food and drinks from home, unabashedly rep home colours, and experience just as much – if not more – of a rush than watching inside an arena. For example, the energy at Maple Leaf Square in Toronto far trumps the atmosphere inside the Air Canada Centre – all for the price of nothing!

You’ll score big time during the hockey playoffs if you apply our simple saving tips to your watching and spending habits.

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