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The Best Cheap Summer Vacation Ideas

by Magical Credit

Want to get away this summer, but don’t have the cash to blow on planes, trains and automobiles? Magical Credit has your back with the best cheap summer vacation ideas, along with pro tips on how to travel on a budget.


Go on a Summer Road Trip

The classic el-cheapo summer vacay option, a summer road trip is a fun way to get your Chevy Chase on and bum around the highways eating junk food, hitting up tourist traps and getting some snapchats of the Grand Canyon.

The only thing to worry about is your kids fighting like cats and dogs in the backseat - but hey, if they ask, “are we there yet?” one too many times, you can always just let them off on the side of the road with a canteen and a pop tart. No harshing my summer road trip vibe, little ones!

Travel Off-Season

Another good option is to travel out of season, or as close to it as possible. For instance, hitting up Cuba at the tail end of August might be cheaper than the start of July…but you’ll also be making it there just in time for the start of hurricane season.

Or you could try to travel to places known as winter destinations, like a ski town. There’ll be plenty of natural trails to check out, plus the locals will be desperate for any business they can get their hands on.

How to Travel on a Budget

If you want to put more effort into your cheap summer vacation ideas than shouting “get in the car kids” and zooming off, you should learn how to travel on a budget.

First thing’s first, you’re gonna want to start planning early. Air travel is expensive, but you never know when some airline is going to have a ticketing glitch and start selling tickets to Tokyo for $20. Seriously though, you can find some insanely cheap ticket prices if you check travel sites regularly.

You could also get creative with your accommodations. Not only are hostels always an option, but there are there hundreds of dirt cheap (and maybe sketchy) AirBnBs in any city you can name. Or, you could always just guilt distant relatives into taking in you and your brood.

If you really want to travel in style though, you can leave those cheap summer vacation ideas or summer road trips for the narcs, and go on a sick adventure with the help of a travel loan from Magical Credit.

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