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2 weeks ago

Top Money Management Apps in 2024

by Vinicius Rocha

Are you struggling to keep track of your financials? Do you often find yourself applying for frequent payday or personal loans to bridge your income and expenses? Then, this short and helpful guide is for you.


Tracking bills, expenses, and overall budgeting in today’s digital age has become easier than ever. With the availability of money management apps, you can end the finance management struggle.

There are several apps to help manage money. Most of them come with a range of user-friendly and accessibility features to help you achieve your financial goals. Let’s explore our top picks to find the best money management app for you!

The Top Money Management Apps for 2024

Sometimes, it can feel like money slips through your fingers and leaves you questioning about the gaps in your expenditure reports. Therefore, managing your income and expenses is vital for your financial stability.

Although there are good money management apps available for mobile and desktop use, there is no one-size-fits-all. Every individual has different needs for budgeting and a set of preferences when it comes to using a money management app in Canada.

Let’s take a look at our list of the best apps to help manage money in Canada and abroad!

1. Monarch

Monarch is a well-rounded personal money management app. It is considered an all-in-one platform for tracking accounts, balances, incomes, expenses, and investments. Everything related to money in your life converges on a single screen for easier management.

It connects multiple money accounts for smooth tracking. For instance, you can track your spending and net worth across several accounts for a better visual insight into your financial well-being. Moreover, you can include assets like your car, house, shop, and other valuable for accurate net worth assessment.

It also allows you to create budgets with tags, notes, and custom categories for organized transactions. The app features a clean user-interface that is free from ads. However, it requires a subscription of $14.99 per month (~$20 CAD).

  • Pros

    • Seven-day free trial

    • Bill tracking and dues reminder

    • Customized budgeting and savings tools

  • Cons

    • Relatively more expensive

    • Lack of credit score report

2. YNAB (You Need A Budget)

YNAB is an ideal money management app in Canada for thousands of users. It performs categorical analysis to help you track your financial progress. Using this personal budgeting app, you can easily set spending and saving goals against your current or expected income and expenses.

This platform is an all-rounder as well. However, the user-interface might not seem as friendly at first because new users might have to spend some time learning its features and functionalities.

It’s safe to say that despite offering comprehensive budgeting tools, YNAB requires users to go through training guides and workshops – which are free. The platform guides users to systematically tag and note debts, savings, and expense against income or revenue.

Then, it helps you track the financial progress, including unexpected costs and non-monthly expenses along the way. It also requires a subscription of around $20 CAD per month after a 34-day trial period.

  • Pros

    • Individual and shared use features

    • Customized net worth and expense reports

    • iOS, Android, and Desktop compatible

  • Cons

    • Requires user training

    • Relatively more expensive

3. PocketGuard

It is important to review apps to help manage money if you plan to stay withing your budget. One of the good money management apps for that is PocketGuard.

It allows easy breakdown of your monthly expenses by connecting multiple accounts. You can also tag the expenses with custom categories for easier tracking. PocketGuard is a well-rounded personal money management app in Canada that offers customized spending and expenditure reports to users.

Like YNAB, it also offers graphs and visual representations of your financial progress. Moreover, it also offers a feature that reminds you about due payments and even negotiates rates for you. With personalized reports, you can compare your spending between different months.

Furthermore, it notifies you if you exceed the budget or when a specific expense category has reached its limit. PocketGuard also offers a free trial version with a subscription plan for ~$17-18 CAD per month.

  • Pros

    • Debt repayment plans

    • Income and spending analysis tools

    • Customizable savings and budgeting features

  • Cons

    • Shared use not available

    • Lack of credit score features

4. Goodbudget

Another great personal money management app is Goodbudget. You can add custom categories and tags to expenses using the friendly interface of this application as well. For instance, you can mark expenses as groceries, date nights, debt payments, loan repayments, and so on.

It will divide your monthly payout into the defined expense categories. As a result, you can track spending on different needs against your pay. It is considered a popular money management app in Canada due to reports with infographics, easy-to-use interface, and web-browser compatibility.

It offers an envelope budgeting method for easier tracking and savings management. It is available to users with a free trial version. However, it does require a paid subscription of ~$13-14 CAD per month after the trial ends.

  • Pros

    • Bill payment alerts

    • Custom expense categorization

    • Comprehensive user guides

  • Cons

    • No credit score reports

    • Limited features on free version

5. Honeydue

Among the best money management apps available in Canada, Honeydue is a comprehensive platform designed for couples or partners trying to manage finances together. Whether husband and wife or any other duo can link multiple bank accounts to track their net worth and spending.

The linking of multiple accounts also enables a joint bill calendar that both users can access. Furthermore, the personal money management app offers a chat feature where users can communicate bill alerts and due expenses easily.

It is a popular money management app in Canada because it allows two users to create budgets using the joint and split-account features. It is available for free on iOS and Android platforms.

  • Pros

    • Available for free

    • Information sharing features

    • Joint and split bill calendars

  • Cons

    • Ads while using the app

    • Not web-browser compatible


The top money management apps of 2024 offer a way out of financial struggles with different features. There’s a personal money management app for everybody out there. Whether you want simplicity in financial management or customized control with localized support.

By checking the right boxes on your list, you can acquire the best money management app for you. In turn, it will help streamline your financial tasks and get you closer to achieving your goals.

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